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Are you looking to manage specialty drug spend while determining the value and effectiveness of these drugs?


Roughly 2% of your member population is taking specialty drugs; however, they represents about 25% of your total healthcare spend. With specialty drug cost trends averaging over 20% per year, this could add over $1,000  in annual premiums per person by 2020.


Let InterveneRx help you.

InterveneRx offers turnkey care management services to better inform, coordinate, and improve care for patients on specialty drugs, including real-time monitoring that generates alerts which can avoid costly and adverse clinical events. Our evidence-based specialty drug protocols are the most comprehensive in the industry, and when embedded in our automated coordinated care workflow engine and integrated with our InterV Mobile patient application, you can be certain you are getting the most comprehensive, coordinated specialty drug care management solution available.


Get all the features of InterV CM+ the added value of integrated prior authorization in our enhanced specialty drug care management solution. Our clinically enhanced prior authorization (InterV PA) makes sure your specialty drug approvals and re-authorizations are the most efficient, while allowing seamless patient and provider engagement in our care management solution right at the start of therapy; optimizing your value. This solution also allows customers an efficient carve out model for clinical management from administrative services.


InterV CM and InterV CM+ offer value based rebate contracting and administration as an option. These solutions provide clinical effectiveness determinations, and the same data, case reviews and analytics can fully support the administration of value based rebates with pharmaceutical manufacturers; increasing your value and ROI.


We have the most comprehensive and updated clinical protocols, tools and training to support your healthcare team and workflow. Explore our leading specialty drug content on treatment plans, clinical assessments, goals and action plans, and how they can integrate into your workflow systems to expand your reach to patients on specialty drugs.


Looking to explore how you are doing in specialty drug management against best practices? InterV Advisory Services assesses your baseline experience and provides guidance and recommendations on opportunities to improve specialty drug management to better inform your road map.


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