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Drug safety and effectiveness are critical drivers of success for any specialty drug product.  Are you looking for a superior way to demonstrate both for your products post launch?

InterveneRx can help:

Our highly integrated patient engagement and management platform provides the most comprehensive, validated set of data covering the full patient journey. We collect patient reported outcomes, payer and provider data, biometric device data, survey data, adverse event data and other clinical information. We create an integrated, documented data set to provide manufacturers with the most comprehensive real world evidence (RWE) on the safety and effectiveness of their product.


Our mobile application enrolls and engages patients, provides content, monitors and promotes adherence, collects real-time clinical information, and integrates with biometric devices and wearables. It also can administer any set and frequency of requests and questions. It is highly customizable and when paired with InterV CM; provides an even richer set of RWE to analyze.


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